It's definitely doable, but like Phaedrus said, you've really got to be disciplined and keep it light. Your list of what you anticipate carrying seems fine.

I tried it a few times, just because I thought they were pretty cool on paper, but when the rubber met the road I found it was super easy to overpack and I was missing a backpack.

My progression went like this:

1. Get Nalgene bottle pouch for a minimal way to carry some water on a dayhike.
2. Add some additional pouches, but then it was a bit ungainly and starting to feel the weight
3. End up buying a Jumbo Versipack which has great organization and does all the things I was trying to do with the condor + pouches, but was a little more ergonomic with a wider strap
4. Overload it
5. Wish I had a backpack cause now it's not all that comfortable
6. Buy a Maxpedition Sitka knockoff sling-bag because it was pretty cool
7. Overload it
8. Wish I had a Sitka style bag, but with two straps...
9. Get Vanquest Trident 20...
10. Overload it

(I have a problem! lol)

I know you're not looking for a full on backpack since you were thinking EDC. I'd say if you can keep it under 6 pounds with a single thin strap, or under 12 pounds with a single wide strap you're okay. With two straps, 20-24 lbs. Anything more is doable short distance but would be annoying for any real period of time. Beyond ~25-28 pounds I'd really want a pack with a proper load bearing hip belt if I were going any distance.

I went through Chicago airport once with a duffel instead of a backpack. Never again!

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