I too appreciate the actual paper map and highly value it. Sure, I love all the electronic gadgets, 'smart' phones, GPS etc. and use them - but I am just to paranoid to fully count on them.

If all else fails a simple compass and paper map of your area can keep you on track and aware of where you are and where you want to go. This (for me) is even more true in a vehicle. Most of the cars on the road today have GPS as does mine and I use it often but... there is still the good old high way map from the State DOT in the glove box and several other area maps of the county too. I'll also print out trip maps on paper from my planning sessions for any road trip so I have a reference to work from if I find myself in disagreement with the GPS advice.

I'm not D. Boone by any stretch of imagination but I too have found myself a "bit confused" now and then when out and about but I never have really felt truly lost. I'm still here so it must be true!