Hikermor and I talked about doing a gear review of premade survival kits I own. So far, the only premade kits I've own are the PSP and the Seventy2. There's no point in reviewing the PSP here. I'll do the Seventy2.


I'll start with the pack its self. Uncharted designed it with the grey man concept in mind. For those who do not want to announce to the zombies, "I'm prepared," the pack was made to look like a normal bookbag. Usually, wearing dull colors at night would present a problem if you are walking alongside a road. Drivers can't see you. Uncharted addresses this problem with a reflective pattern on the pack, visable with a vehicle's headlights. Unfortunately, this only works when a driver has their headlights on and is paying attention.

The pack comes with three waterproof zipped pockets (two small pockets, one on each wing, and a large), six loops for storing any extra gear, a means for carrying your water bottle externally, an attachment point for the included flashlight (I don't know how useful that would be, but the option is nevertheless there) and an integrated whistle. The whistle is not very loud but, because of the way it is integrated, it takes up a negligible amount of space and weight. However, it's placement might come in handy.

The pack is comfortable to wear. Uncharted claims it is waterproof, submersible and can double as a flotation device. I have not put this claim to the test.

Next is the insert, which keeps the components organized. It uses eight color-coded pockets with big white letters stating what's inside. Basic instructions are printed on one side of the insert, and straps are mounted on the other side of the insert, turning it into an improvised backpack if you use the shell for something else. Uncharted Supply claims that the plastic backing for the insert can be used as splints (listed as splints in the medical section), snowshoes, and a snow shovel. I have not tested this claim, but Uncharted does have a video on how to use the improvised splints.


The insert does eat up some of the space. I guess it comes down to which you want most. More space or organization? The inclusion of the insert could explain the 2-liter discrepancy of the shell's capacity.

The first item you see is the 48 oz (1400 ml) Nalgene plastic water bottle with the Uncharted logo.

In no particular order, I will go over the contents in the pockets. In the section labeled "Water Filter," you will find a Sawyer Mini. Uncharted mentions that the included cleaning syringe can double as wound irrigation.

In the pocket labeled "Food" is the only food-related item included in this kit: Datrex lifeboat rations. Uncharted does not mention this; it seems that you can use this brick as a means of self-defense.

In "Air & Vision," Uncharted includes two glow sticks, a reusable mask, and a pair of goggles. I don't know who makes goggles, but they seem well built though not top of the line. They did not form a complete seal around my face, but it was close, and the thick straps are adjustable.

In the "Tools" section, Uncharted includes one 64 oz Sawyer pouch.


The "Tools" section continues with a sheath (the material feels thin, but otherwise seems okay) for the knife and ferrocerium rod. The sheath includes a belt loop and a strap for securing the knife. The fixed blade knife is a single piece of thick steel with a paracord handle. I'm not the best person to judge a knife, but I think Uncharted picked a winner in the affordable category. There is no flex. It does not pass the paper test, I think a touchup on the blade will fix that, and it is not exactly comfortable in my hand. Nevertheless, I can maintain a firm grip on it. The tools section also has 100' of paracord (Uncharted says it's 550), a folding shovel/ax that feels solid and five yards of RediTape.


The "Warmth" pocket includes a mylar tube tent, mylar blanket (orange on one side), two hand warmers, a nice watch cap with the Uncharted logo (Uncharted relaced this cap with a solid grey one) and a pair of work and winter gloves. I'm not thrilled with the gloves. I think Uncharted could have done better within the price category.

"First Aid" includes a fifteen pack of antibacterial wet wipes, a first aid kit, and a 2 oz tube of Bare Republic SPF50 sunscreen. The first aid kit I got is different from what they have now. The following is the kit they have now.


In the "Electronics" department, we have an Eton radio/flashlight combo. The power pack can be charged either via the hand crank, tiny solar panel, or included USB cable. The power pack device can be used to charge a USB device (Apple adapter not included).

The last pocket is labeled "Flashlight," "Lighters," "Matches," and "Multitool." The kit does not come with lighters, but they provide a space for them. The flashlight and multitool I have are different from what they have now. The matches they include are the Survival Stormproof Match Kit with the Uncharted logo.


I'm not happy with the choice of gloves. Uncharted could have done better. Overall, I would say that the quality of this kit is middle-of-the-road. It's not top of the line, nor is it Chinese junk.

This kit does not have everything, and Uncharted acknowledges this. I'm glad that they do. Instead of attempting to make a one-size-fits-all kit, they recommend additions for each possible situation.


Jeanette Isabelle
“Trust me, this is not gonna end well!” — Pleakley, Lilo & Stitch