In a completely fair comparison Les Stroud thinks his competitors shirt pocket kits are inferior to a combination of his larger, more expensive ones and quality, full size: sheath knife, multi tool, headlamp, compass and first aid kit.

Obvious errors.
He can't get the name of Dougs pack right, even as he's reading it.
He doesn't rate Dougs striker. Personally I'd swap any flint and steel for a one handed striker. Having used my loyalty card at the fracture clinic a few times lately I know how hard it is to do anything one handed. There is a reason you are in a survival situation and if it's a crash or fall; broken bones aren't unlikely,
'The needle and hooks shouldn't be in a simple plastic bag'; well ok if you like being pricked...
'A Wazoo $15 button compass must be the same quality as one from a christmas cracker as they are both button compasses'.
'Safety pins and needle and thread are very unlikely to be used'. He has been very lucky then; I've repaired tents, clothing, sacs, sleeping bags..... all the time.
"No container" after he's just said himself, you could make one with Dougs foil.
"I don't think a compass should ever be in a survival kit". Both his kits contain one.
His flashlight only stays on while pressed, unlike Bears which he leaves on accidently. Just try doing anything while having to keep the light pressed...

I'm not sure what the magnifying glass is for myself. Maybe Doug being a desert creature plans on starting fires with it? On an English summer day that you could start a fire with a magnifying glass, you wouldn't get cold enough to need a fire on either of them.

Did like:
"I can't cut into this table or I'm in big trouble".

Survivorman too is afraid of the most fearsome beast known to man: the wife.

Why do kits often contain several different fire tinders? Isn't there a best one?


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