The Mark One Pro seems like would have been SOTA around 1950. Really, are we still packing condoms for water carry and tampons for first aid? There are vastly better options now. I didn't look at the price but I'd certainly rather take a PSP over that stuff. I have to qualify my opinions about PSKs by stating that my home is at 5,000 ft elevation in western Montana, so my choices are based on all my adventures taking place between 5k and 10k in the mountains of MT and ID. Water is an area I take seriously but there's a lot of water around me, just need something to contain and treat it. My biggest focus (outside of not getting lost, natch) is surviving the elements. In the peak heat of summer it can still get down into the upper 30's at night which is life threatening if you don't have shelter (which of course might be clothing).

I am going to be pretty dubious of any kit that doesn't include a high quality space blanket at a minimum. It's often said that skills are lighter than gear and that's true. Given time I could craft a very nice natural shelter out of the materials provided by the forests around me. But it seems like those survival situations rarely crop up at 9:00 am on a nice morning. They seem to start by 1) getting lost or 2) getting hurt. It's rare that you realize you're lost early in the day and decide to hunker down. Normally it's the setting sun that finally convinces a hiker that he's not going to get where he planned to be today. Maybe bad weather is rolling in. Here in the mountains things go from blue sky and sunny to thunderstorms and rain virtually out of nowhere with little to no warning (because the horizon is so short).

My kits take into account the need to go into SURVIVAL MODE at a moment's notice!

Now, having said that I'll readily concede that many of you are not in the situation I am. Perhaps in FL or elsewhere in the American south you may be able to spend the night out with no shelter at all. Or you may be able to drink right out of whatever water source you have (eg there are many springs and melt-water streams that I'd drink out of without treatment here).
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