Over the years I've obtained several different 'off the shelf' kits including the PSP and every time I find myself adding to it. I've also noticed that my kits keep evolving and changing... I went from a get-home bail out bag to a bail out coat to a mini waterproof sealing box of stuff and it never seems to end.

With that, the Mark One Pro kit you referenced is interesting but I agree with you that I don't really see the point of some of the items and I would package it differently too. I also wonder at paperclips but in some environments they could really be useful. I've seen them used to shim open handcuffs so maybe you want some stashed away?

I also think that the EDC or "day kit" or whatever you carry around is something you have built with your needs and situation in mind and that will always be better (as it is specific to your needs) than the generic cover-all-the-bases pre-filled kit of any kind.

Still - this is a very interesting idea!