This is a difficult topic, but I think it may touch many of us. Bear with me, if you would be so kind.

An uncle passed this week, of natural causes. He was a good man, a genuine good egg, smart and hard-working, with a streak of impish good humour, who gave of himself for family, church, and community. He has been failing, and is at last free.

But in current circumstances we can not, and must not, gather as an extended web of family and friends and neighbours to pay our respects. I am not sure even his grandchildren can attend his burial, though I may be mistaken.

We are not far away, as the crow flies. And yet we may as well be an ocean apart, as people were a century ago. A letter would arrive, in due course, bearing sad news.

I choose to mourn, and celebrate, and remember, through music as much as anything; that is my way.

I wonder how would you choose to remember, or be remembered?