"The debate is over. You should be wearing a mask when you go out."

Now let’s talk about the right way to use masks:
Each person in your home should have a mask — absolutely no sharing.
The mask should cover the bridge of your nose and cup your chin.
There should be two straps, one that goes above your ear, and the other below
How to put it on and take it off — what we call donning and doffing in my field (yes, those are the terms we use) — is also important. To put it on, use one hand to hold the outside of your homemade mask and put the top strap over your head, followed by the strap that goes below your ear. To take it off, don’t touch your mask, which could have infectious particles on it if you came into contact with someone infectious. Instead, take it off using the two straps.
If you make one mask, wash it daily.
If you make multiple masks, place the recently worn one in a bag and set it aside for five days (there shouldn’t be any virus left after that time). Wear a new one each day.
Wash your hands when you’re done.