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If things are really that bad, there's no preventing getting this virus, no matter what you do.

All true, Haertig. But it is also true that there's no preventing getting this virus.
No vaccine, no cure. As long as the virus exists in the population, which it does, big time, but we do not know because we have not tested enough people, arguably, eighty per cent of the population will get Covid 19< sooner or later. Flattening the curve does not change the area under the curve, the total number of folks who will contract the disease. Fifteen percent will have serious illness-maybe. We do not have enough data to tell, have only been looking at this disease sine January. Flattening the curve is not about avoiding infection, it's about extending the timeline and avoiding lines at the ICU. But we don't know, because we haven't tested.
Same applies to the Fox News article about transfer of disease by physical objects: no proof that it happens, but no studies that prove it does not. Noravirus, Hep A and e. coli transmits by groceries, but those are fecal-oral transmission pathogens, and lots of places use fecal fertilizer.

So 80% get the virus, 15% get seriously, and the folks who get seriously ill are predominantly old or immune-compromised. If we can flatten the curve, perhaps we can do civilian triage, and try to save them all. If not, we will do military triage, and write off the least likely to benefit. If we do the latter, we can abandon the social-distance experiment and get the economy moving again. It's a classic survival ethical calculus, discussed a thousand times on the this forum.
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