As an 80 year old guy with many health "issues", I am quite concerned about keeping my home free of contamination. So we got some fresh veggies from a local store. Take an onion for instance. How do I decontaminate an onion? I suggested that all unpackaged veggies should be soaked in a bleach solution. Ms Nomad had a few unkind words about that method, although she had no alternative.

I worked in a hospital for many years and did the standard infection control training with the black light powder. Each of us put our fingertips on a pad and then went about some simple tasks. After about half an hour they turn out the lights and turn on some black (ultraviolet) lights. It was amazing to see how far the powder had spread. We all had glowing blue splotches on our face and other parts of our body. It made quite an impression on me. And this was just from a single touch to the pad with only our fingertips.

So now I sit and look at the onions, carrots and other stuff wondering how to proceed. So far it is all outside. I have been wandering the internet looking for advice and guidance finding little of real use. Lots of generalizations like 1/3 cup of bleach in a gallon of water. Yeah, then what?

So far, we have not left our space for about a week. I need to go to the VA hospital for a check after some cancer surgery. The thought of leaving our "bubble" and driving into Tucson is frightening to say the least.

How are folks here dealing with the contamination issue?

...........From Nomad.........Been "on the road" since '97