As we have plenty of TP and ammo, just because, my biggest concerns revolve around other things. The calls for "friends" who have suddenly decided they need to arm themselves are annoying, but...

I put "friends" in quotes because all my good friends already own firearms and most have trained to one degree or another.

Best story was a friend who is a serious collector, and occasional dealer, of NFA firearms. As in, he buys ammo by the pallet, if you get my drift? One of his neighbors who has previously shown his significant disdain for my friend's interests knocked on his door and asked whether he could buy a firearm from him. My friend told him he only had one to sell, an M1919A2 and it would be $25K CASH up front and he'd have to wait about 7-9 months to take delivery, assuming he passed the background check including fingerprints. He said the expression on the guy's face was priceless.

In any case, the point is, prepare ahead of time. A crisis is not the time to prep, it's the time to be glad you did. How many will heed this lesson they learned? Not that many if history is any guide, although I expect many will make sure they have a month's supply of TP on hand going forward. ;=)
Doug Ritter
Equipped To SurviveŽ
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