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Lots of other bags on the market from other manufacturers. For example check out CONTERRA. From personal experience, I know CONTERRA makes good stuff. They also make a great line of Aid Belts, and Packs.

From looking at the pictures, the organizational system of the bags would not work for my needs.

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Letting the bag determine the contents seems like the wrong way to approach it, in my opinion. Figure out what you really need, then find a suitable bag to carry it in.

I'm not sure if I'm reading this right. Are you suggesting that I had bought the bag first and then designed a kit around it?

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Or, go modular. A small, easily transported kit with the basic, most immediately needed essentials (CPR mask, trauma shears, dressings, tourniquet, glucose, etc), and a larger kit with nice to have but not absolutely essential items (BP cuff, stethoscope, etc).

I already have part of that (and plan to get more) in my EDC bag.

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