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question for any virologists or informed souls... in time of short supply can a N95 style mask be sanitized by ozone (O3) or UV?....would allow individual users to sanitize their own masks without cross contamination... possibly if there is enough water in the protein sheath of the Wuhan strain to be destroyed by a microwave...or high wet or dry temps?... just questioning

I claim no hard evidence on this. But if it were my situation, I would soak them in methyl hydrate.

It's a form of pure methanol, and IME it doesn't change the structure of fibres. The good part is you can get it at any paint/hardware store, in the paint section. In cold climes like mine, it's also used as gas line antifreeze.

If alcohol hand sanitizer at 60% concentration kills this virus, this should be massively effective. I know that arborists and master gardens use it to sterilize their tools from disease, bacterial and fungal.

The kicker is safe handling: it's water soluble, absorbed by the skin or respiratory tract, and quite poisonous to the nervous system. It's all the hangovers you've ever had, concentrated. But if allowed to fully evaporate, there is no residue.