What's bad, is that we can prep for many things. Big stores of food, water, medicines, and gear. All ready to live on our own for a year or more. Then a stupid virus comes along. One that you really can't protect yourself from. And you die on one or two weeks. I want a refund on my prep gear!

Luckily, most of us who get it might not even realize it or have symptoms no worse than the common cold. Then we will wonder how the person next to us was diagnosed with it, and four days later was dead.

Funny, last Thursday, six days ago, everything was mostly normal in the US. A bit light on the toilet paper at the grocery, but that was about it. Now, restaurants are closed, people are out of work, all our entertainment activities have been canceled, nobody goes into the office, we've lost half of our retirement savings (at least on paper), those with parents still around find them locked down inside their senior living facility, TV news is telling us "You're gonna die, then your friends are gonna die, then you're gonna die again".

Things sure went downhill pretty fast.