Mrs, H and I are actually in pretty good shape, The cornerstone of my preps is getting ready for a big disruptive earthquake which would render affairs hectic for at least a couple of months, so there is sufficient food on hand.

The infrastructure is undamaged and I can access ETS. The biggest disruption for me is that I should right now be waking up from a hip replacement, which is postponed until elective surgeries resumes.

I feel for medical professionals, now exposed on the front lines of this mess. Talking withmy doc three days ago and I asked how the office was fixed for masks. They were short, and I offered some of mine (about 100 - i didn't realize I had that many). Glad to see that construction companies are urged to donate masks to hospitals, etc. This is just enlightened self interest. We keep them healthy so they can return the favor.

I hope that we (society as a whole) can pass this test.

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