I am personally involved in efforts to flatten the curve (lengthy war story).

Since December, i have been prepping for, and looking forward to, a right hip replacement. Last week I had a meeting with the surgeon who was delayed because of a hospital staff meeting re coronavirus.

There was an issue with my clotting time, and he told me to get with my primary care doc and straighten things out. Called their office and got an appointment right away for this Monday.

About 4 PM the office called me, cancelling the appointment. They will contact me again when normal operations are resumed. The response was 'yes" when I asked if this had anything to do with CV. In the interim, the county health department had declared a local emergency, due to CV. Currently my new hip is in an indefinite limbo.

My take on this is that they are clearing the decks (halting all or most elective procedures, etc) in anticipation of a sharp increase in CV cases.

Now I would much rather go through with my procedure, but it makes sense to me to alter priorities to deal with a much greater threat, especially when I see that my chances of fatality from CV are significantly greater than you young folks....
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