This is kind of an odd question but ...

A while back I noticed a big air bubble in a somewhat older Brunton mirrored compass (15tdcl, or something like that). I had the same problem with two Brunton 8099 compasses - their very fancy and expensive mirrored compass. Over a span of a few years Brunton was very nice and replaced each of them for free.

The older Brunton 8099 (greenish shoe) since developed another bubble. I've given up on that one, though frustrating considering the cost.

I'm happy to say that the newer Brunton 8099 (black shoe, now called a Brunton TruArc 20) has gone many years without forming an air bubble, and it is very much my favorite compass.

Unfortunately, they replaced the more classic mirrored compass (15tdcl) with their current model - a Brunton TruArc 15.

Overall the TruArc 15 seems like a nice compass. It hasn't developed air bubbles for a number of years, BUT it has two big flaws that I should have addressed when they first sent it to me - now it's too late I think:
(1) The bezel ticks are terrible quality. The spacing is random and some of them are actually at an angle relative to the others.

(2) Rotation of the dial ring is NOT smooth. It catches badly at certain places.

I think I'll end up donating it to a local Boy Scout troop. That seems better than throwing it in the trash.

I like Brunton. It was a very well thought of American company that got bought up by Silva, seemed to have kind of lost control of their product while Silva used them as a Silva USA, then somehow got jettisoned from Silva, it moved its manufacturing back to the U.S., and was trying to reestablish itself. I truly want them to succeed.

Has anyone bought a Brunton compass lately? How is the quality these days - after they've had a while to re-establish themselves??

I noticed that now their compass warranty covers just one year. Boy, I hope they resolved their bubble problem.