This thread started me thinking that a Bailout bag would be a good place to keep the EDC items that I stopped carrying and maybe also for back-ups to my pocket carry. A cellphone goes with me only occasionally and if Iím going somewhere unfamiliar Iíll want a GPS. Items needing battery power might also need a power bank.

I have had a messenger bag unused and available, good for a small kit and fairly inconspicuous. Considering the COVID-19 issue, I will add a couple N-99 isolation masks and a couple pair of nitrile gloves in a ziplock bag. A minimalist FAK will also be included in another ziplock.

So, the result of all that thinking was a Bailout bag consisting of:
Bag: Timbuk2 XS Messenger Bag ó 549 ci, nylon.
GPS: Oregon 600.
Cellphone: Kyocera DuraXV, 4G LTE, waterproof/shockproof...
Power: Anker 10,000 mAH plus cables
Ziplock1: Minimal FAK, one pair of nitrile gloves.
Ziplock2: N-99 Isolation masks & addíl nitrile gloves.
Additional cash in a small pouch.
My Kindle for passing the time reading if it comes to that.
Back-up locking folder & Leatherman
Back-up 1xAA LED flashlight.

All that and room for more. Any thoughts???
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