Romania, he speak with straight tongue, Kemo Sabe. Compared to just a few years ago, there are lots of very fine lights out there.

A good review article is this:

They speak well of the Zebralight H600,which I have. It is the best light I have ever used and it is well worth the expense if you get outdoors at all. They also like the Petzl E-lite, which is a great small, dependable headlight which can be tucked in almost anywhere.

Another goodie which I have just acquired,and which seems quite decent in my limited experience is the Knog Quokka, alailable, as far as I know, only from REI :

Even smaller than the Petzl, weighing less than two ounces, it can be tucked in almost anywhere. It is not the only light in this category.

You need good lighting if you are out after dark,an event which will occur sooner or later. A reliable headlamp is the foundation of such a system. a headlamp can be held in the hand very easily, and sometimes is best employed in that manner. But it is often nice to have both hands free. in addition, I always have a key chain light with me, and a supplementary hand held light or lantern as well.

Cavers advocate having three independent sources of light when venturing underground, and that dictum applies equally well, IMHO, at night when above ground as well.

Lots of good headlamps out there....
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