Here is the bottom line. What I would consider "survival gear" that will accompany meon every excursion comes to a current retail cost of $433.

Here is the stuff:

cup w/foldinghandle
purell sanitizer (also fire starter)
mson twine, braided -20'
VIA coffee packets 92)
tea bag
Esbit tabs, 3
small stove for tabs
Live Fire tabs
small roll duct tape
ferro rod and striker
Bic lighter in Exotac case
Exotac match case w/premium matches
Exotac candle tins
AAA lithium battery w/ case
LD01 flashlight
AA lithium battery w/case
mylar blanket
emergency bivvy (SOL)
RSK Mk 5 knife
cotton lint (fire starter)
signal mirror
metal cup enclosing Gatorade bottle
Mora knife
3" elastic bandage
nitrile gloves
topo map (absolute essential)
Houdini shell jacket
sack of bars
Zebralight AA headlamp
in addition, a decent FAK (not included in the cost above). There is also my EDC which goes along as well.

This gear has been acquired over time and often at a cost lower than the current list price. The items are in actual use and are supplemented usually with real sleeping bags, a tent or more substantial bivy, a canister stove, etc. i am probably carrying
a good $1000 worth of gear in my pack (REI Traverse 35, a bargain at 57 bucks a year ago).

The total cost surprises me, but me and my companions are worth it....I suspect you could cut the cost by $100 or so, if you really shopped and cut some corners
Geezer in Chief