I am questing for something thaat may not exist:

1)A sturdy weatherproof box, ten cubic feet or more in capacity, that will hold survival supplies (water, food, FAK, commo items) for long term storage
2)When opened, would automatically signal the event to responsible agencies, who could then investigate the incident.

Several of these would potentially be placed at various locations on Santa Rosa Island, California (one of the islands within Channel Islands National Park). I have worked for the NPS within the park for many years, beginning in 1982, doing both archaeological and paleontological field work. Originally a working cattle ranch with fairly easy vehicle access across the island, the island is now a proposed wilderness area, with a steadily shrinking road network. This is good overall for park values, but it creates challenges for researchers and park managers.

One change is to approach areas of interest from the sea and land on the beach, an often tricky operation with its own set of problems, many of which could leave a party stranded inadvertently on the island.

Hence the thought about prepositioned survival caches. These would be potentially useful for many others as well, like shipwrecked sailors, etc. Automatic notification seems desirable, because there is a decent chance that a survival cache will be vandalized or used inappropriately. Hence, automatic notification.

Your imput is greatly appreciated.
Geezer in Chief