I use a variety of different types of cordage for different things. First of course is paracord. It's widely available and versatile. It's handy for improvised shoelaces and gutted paracord is handy for lanyards, etc. The local dollar store sells neat little 25' hanks of the stuff or a buck! It's shrink wrapped too which makes it really handy to toss into various packs.

Next I really like bank line. It takes knots well and grips paracord nicely. It's a bit stiff for the thickness but relatively thin yet strong. Great for lashing and general use.

Jute is handy for very light use, plus it's an outstanding tinder that takes a spark easily.

While I don't use it a lot I do have some kevlar and spectra line. Those are extremely strong, very thin and nearly fireproof. Handy for certain things although many knots don't work with it.

I also like micro-cord. It's sold by Atwood and is pretty strong while being very thin. Great for guy lines and general use.

Different types of cordage have different strengths and weaknesses but I don't think there's any reason to agonize over it. Just make sure you do have something! It's very handy for so many purposes.
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