Got it. So the Kaito KA123 I was considering will wake up to every NOAA alert it receives, rather than only those which are zip-code specific. It might be good for those folks in tornado country who need a radio to carry around, but for leaving one turned on at home or in the office, a radio with SAME specificity is a much better option.

Here in SOCAL, the EQ in the middle of the night will either wake me up (or not), or kill me outright (possible but mostly hyperbole). The 3 second warning system in development will not be of much value to someone in REM sleep, let alone deep sleep. If an EQ wakes me up, it was probably big enough to make the news and an AM radio will suffice.

YMMV. If I lived in an area with tornadoes passing through, Id definitely have a Wx radio with SAME programming.