I currently donít use a weather radio. The radio I have that should be capable of receiving NOAA has yet to receive a signal so maybe itís reception in the canyon where I live (SOCAL), or maybe the weather isnít noteworthy (no tornadoes or hurricanes) but Iíve found them fairly useless. Or maybe itís the radio...

That said, Iím considering the relatively new Kaito KA123 Digital AM FM NOAA Weather Radio which uses a silicon lab ďDPSĒ (DSP = Digital Signal Processing) chip. What I like about the KA123 is that it has ďalert modeĒ. My take is that the radio is basically on standby waiting for a prompt/signal from NOAA to activate. Is that typical of radios with SAME tech or is this something different? (Itís not a SAME radio.)

My better halfís pocket radio died recently so I ordered a Kaito KA220 AM/FM radio as a replacement. For a 2xAAA pocket radio, it looks pretty good ó DSP & PLL circuitry ósimple controls. Not a weather radio, but there are plenty of AM News stations here which should suffice.
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