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The other mistake medical pros make is that they confuse THEIR context with YOUR context.

And the flip side of that is when bystanders confuse a non-emergency with an emergency. They try to help, but not knowing what they are doing, actually do harm.

You see this occasionally - luckily quite rarely - when a bystander with good intentions starts CPR on someone who doesn't need it. Or slathers up a burn victim with their sunscreen cream thinking that will help. Or needlessly drags a person from a car wreck, thinking the car may explode, and paralyses them because they didn't take cervical precautions. Or applies a tourniquet when simple direct pressure would have solved the problem.

IMHO, the solution to the above is training. Everyone should take a basic first aid class. But unfortunately, that will never happen. For every untrained person who successfully apples a tourniquet under appropriate circumstances there will be a matching untrained person who makes a real mess of things and does damage under inappropriate circumstances. So we're stuck between a rock and a hard place.