I keep trauma kits in all our family cars. They each have at least 2 tourniquets each. Additional Ts in EDC and hiking kits. The only ones I use are H & H, TK 4, tourniquets exclusively. Stick simple, easy to self apply, can be flat folded, tests as equal or better than all the other leading brands. Marine and SEAL issue. Less than $10 on Amazon and labeled as an Amazon pick. Problem solved , inexpensively.

FYI, I spent a lot of time in the early- mid 1970s as a volunteer EMT on a very busy Ambulance Squad. We served an extremely dense , Northeastern location with many high rise buildings, 5 major highways ,big commuter bridges, many buses & trains, ( I.e. read pre auto crush zones, few seat belts, no shoulder belts, few crash padded interiors, engines and trans often found in front seats in a head on collision). I answered hundreds of trauma calls in bad muti-vehicle collisions, shootings, stabbings, assaults, etc. in spite of all of those calls, I only had to use a tourniquet in ONE call. It was a head-on bus collision in which the bus dash collapsed , both severing and sealing the driverís amputated leg. We applied a tourniquet so the firefighters could cut the dash off his leg. He was lucky, well equipped and experienced rescue were quickly on scene , the wound was sealed by the crash and we were close to the hospital. He lived.

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