The question really becomes is my life, the life of my friends, family members and anyone else I may need to use a TQ on only worth a second-rate product? The Recon Medical TQ is a second rate product, a cheaper adaptation of a couple of proven (tested) TQ.

The Recon Medical TQ has gained some popularity due to its price and to be fair it works better than many of the alternatives TQs on the market. I know of a legitimate save using a Recon Medical TQ. I have also seen more than one fail in training with a single application. They are also somewhat more difficult to self-apply compared to a SOF-T or CAT.

At work and in my personal kits my primary TQs are either SOF-T(W) (prefered) or CAT (gen 6 or 7) while I do have some SWAT-T elastic band "TQs" I keep them mostly for there versatility as pressure dressing and for use on little people.

All of these I have used with success on real patients. All of these we have trained on heavily and regularly. Both the CATs and SOF-T(W) have a significant amount of data supporting their capabilities from studies done by third parties.

I will never recommend any product I would not choose to use myself. I would not personally buy or choose to carry a Recon Medial TQ because I cannot trust them.

A TQ alone does not make a IFAK or a bleeding control kit.
Any TQ is worthless if it isn't with you.
Most medical equipment is nearly worthless without training,

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