Just perusing the recent threads on potential economic "bumps in the road" and I thought of some of the similarities with earthquakes, a event that concerns me, being a SoCal resident..

Both are tricky, well nigh impossible to predict, and are most often recognized after the event. Various predictors are proposed, but these do not always work (rarely work?)

The magnitude of each varies. Some EQs are just mild bumps, while others destroy freeways and infrastructure. Some economic "bumps" are local, like plant closings, losing a job, etc., while some threaten the entire global balance.

In any event, one must be prepared, ideally well in advance of the essentially unpredictable event. Stay out of debt and don't mount mirrors on your ceiling. Stock up your pantry with nutritious food and exercise and stay in shape. You will be well set for life's lesser problems.
Geezer in Chief