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Haertig, that is quite the gadget. Do first responders carry that or something similar these days?

My paramedic certification expired 25 years ago, so I'm not in that group anymore. I would doubt this gadget would be useful for first responders, given they already have higher end monitors, defibrillators, etc.

But I will tell you, this device does take very nice ECG's. Especially since it only costs $99. You are limited to "lead I" though. Everyone had probably heard the term "12-lead ECG". That's what you'll get in an ER or hospital setting. So you most certainly can't diagnose everything with a device that only does one lead. Nor do you need to. But you can monitor the important, life threatening stuff. By itself, the device does not diagnose much. It can communicate with your doctor though (you'll pay a small monthly fee for that option). Where I find it of most value is when you can read your own ECG. You don't need the device to do the diagnosing because you know what you're looking at already. Even though my paramedic is expired now, I can still read ECG's pretty well. Reading your ECG on your cellphone is not ideal, but this device will create beautiful PDF files that you can email to yourself and then review on a normal computer monitor (or print). These PDF files are good quality ECG's. An example clipping is attached (the original PDF file covers a much longer time period). In case it isn't obvious, that big bizarre looking thing in the middle isn't really supposed to be there (that's one of my PVC's!) Everyone has PVC's every now and then, I just have more than most people.