I carry a Kyocera DuraXV LTE from Verizon when Iím out and about.
Kyoceraís DuraXV LTE is built with a durable design for staying connected, even in harsh working environments. With a Military Standard 810G rating, it protects against shock, solar radiation, vibration, corrosion and other extreme conditions. Defend against humidity and blowing rain with the DuraXV LTEís dustproof and waterproof design.*

Itís pricey for a basic phone though, although Iíve dropped mine enough to justify the expense. There is also the Kyocera Cadence LTE at less than half the price but without the waterproof, dustproof... MilSpec attributes of the DuraXV.

Iíll be interested to see if the new ĒreimaginedĒ Nokia 3310 is available through one of the major carriers. Classic.