if the essentials are covered... a good multi day cooler (ice chest) if you have a lot of perishable food....my county Emergency Management distributes ice.. even my old 7 day had partially frozen gallon jugs on the 8th day of outage in 2004 ...the cooler had not been accessed as I had a second cooler to which I obtained ice when we went back to school for the last 4 days of outage

for comfort... a good, repeat good, battery powered fan to allow you to sleep with some relief to the heat...my original design of a D powered tent fan motor with model airplane propeller to spin my ceiling fan can run 9 hours on a new D, and for around 6 on a couple of re chargable AA Eneloops... for Irma I had added a Ridgid contractor fan that runs off the 18v Ridgid battery, but would be slightly over your $50 budget