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Having actually bugged out recently, under a certain amount of duress, I regard these "kits" as a beginning (not a particularly good one, but a start, nonetheless, and that at least is something). As always, what is assembled, and actually used, will vary drastically, depending upon the season, the weather, the particular emergency, just to name some o the major factors at play.

That is why Doug Ritter and Uncharted Supply Company made recommendations to supplement their respective kits. I particularly like what Uncharted did, use one set of recommendations per situation. It's like using the Seventy2 as a standard "foundation" for a wide variety of custom homes if you permit me to use such an analogy.

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As always, human ingenuity and inventiveness are far more important than the gadgets at hand (although there is nothing wrong with both, working together in concert = gadgets plus knowledge for the win!).

I did not talk about it much in this forum; one thing that was abundantly clear as I did my research is that to maximize the full benefit of both the PSP and the Seventy2, I need to train with these kits.

For example, to catch a fish with the PSP, I need to be able to catch a fish with the PSP. A fish will not jump out of a lake, clean itself and begin cooking simply because I have a PSP.

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Discussions like this are fun, but in reality, if you have just a few of the basics, a bit of ingenuity , a gift for improvisation, and the ability to withstand a decent amount of suffering and deprivation, things will work out in the end.

I'm for all that except for the suffering and deprivation.

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