Having actually bugged out recently, under a certain amount of duress, I regard these "kits" as a beginning (not a particularly good one, but a start, nonetheless, and that at least is something). As always, what is assembled, and actually used, will vary drastically, depending upon the season, the weather, the particular emergency, just to name some o the major factors at play.

As always, human ingenuity and inventiveness are far more important than the gadgets at hand (although there is nothing wrong with both, working together in concert = gadgets plus knowledge for the win!).

Discussions like this are fun, but in reality, if you have just a few of the basics, a bit of ingenuity , a gift for improvisation, and the ability to withstand a decent amount of suffering and deprivation, things will work out in the end.

People are doing that right now, even while we are chatting....
Geezer in Chief