Someone is building a "counterfeit" because a sucker is born every minute.

I note that for $149($50 off list price!!!) they will give you a pack (unspecified volume) eight empty pouches, a water bottle (possibly 12 oz capacity; if so, not nearly sufficient for any conditions I have experienced), a survival guide, and some straps and odds and ends.

I could walk down the aisles of my local REI store and garner better items for less - with my eyes closed...

I suspect there is money to be made, if you have enough smoke and mirrors.

For one thing, their pack should have extra capacity for personal, unique items -like the aforementioned shell jacket, a very useful item in a good many situations (my fave is a Patagonia Houdini, currently).

I don't think these collections of choss bear any comparison with Ritter's kits, many of which are much more practical and are actually intended for a slightly different purpose (aviation).

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