Last night I noticed I had some rewards points built up so I decided to order the Helikon-Tex Swagman Roll Poncho from Amazon. It's a lot like the HPG Mountain Serape I think. It's got Climashield Apex insulation which is what Wiggy's uses to make Lamalite so I have a lot of confidence that it will be warm even when wet. The Swagman roll can be worn as a ponch/coat, spread out as a blanket and even has a zipper to convert it into a sleeping bag. Over the last couple months I've read a lot of reviews and watched quite a few videos on Youtube of this item and it seems pretty good. While it comes with a stuff sack I ordered a couple of compression sacks, too, one of which I'll use to cram this down smaller. The one I ordered is in Flecktarn camo; a bright color would be better I suppose but they don't offer one. Flecktarn is probably my favorite camo though and it will match my German rain poncho! grin However, I do have Orange and Yellow ponchos for emergency use.

Also, I think I'm going to ditch the Hazard 4 Rocket Sling Bag in favor of a more conventional 2-strap bag. I have a Mystery Ranch Gallagator on order; if it meets my expectations I'll use it for my ditch-bag/dayhike-survival kit. The Rocket has some cool features but when fully loaded it's not super comfy for long hikes (after carrying it a few hours I decided that two straps would be better than one).
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