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People who can't be bothered to learn how to build their kit or learn what they need probably won't bother to buy a kit.

Again, does anyone know of someone, or a company, who has managed to pack the best performance per space and weight?

If not, does anyone know of someone, or a company, who has promoted the idea of each member of a family having a survival device on their person in case of separation and priced that survival product for that purpose? Someone other than Doug, of course.

This mess is a triumph of marketing over expertise - shoddy, low cost items that seem to work ( and that probably will fail when it counts).

Ultra light backpackers, or back packers in general, have progressed much further in the area of utility for lower weight. Check them out.

Everyone's circumstances and resources are somewhat different. In preparing for survival,, a good first step is to check out the stuff you already own. For most of us, many of the essentials are already at hand, and simply need to be organized. Other items can be purchased for far less than the cost of this random assortment.

If you are searching for a kit for each family member, it is even more important to prepare individualized kits. Grandmother does not need the same items as do the children.

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