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You are walking around with a grey backpack and all the bad guys say, "That's a grey pack - obviously nothing of value on him"???

I just watched the video and their stuff is even worse than I first thought. They actually put a Duracell battery in that chintzy little light. I assume that if they installed a lithium battery they would have said so. You are much better off with either lithium or rechargeable batteries.

Their boo-boo FAK is a joke, and a bad one at that.

I literally laughed when they suggested their plastic sheeting for shnowshoes. Get serious! The sheeting, when supplemented with additional rigid items just might make the grade for a splint or a minor fracture, but even better would be some of the rigid elements in the backpack itself.

Don't bother with chem lights. IME, they degrade, even within their special packaging. The units that are packed for installation on approved life vests are a bit more durable if you must have one of these.

Yeah, I think people are taking the term "grey man" too literally and missing out on the actual meaning. It doesn't mean wear a grey pack! It means blend in and look like everyone else. If no one else is wearing a backpack (especially one with a survival company logo!) then you'll stand out wearing a backpack.

I've had pretty good luck with chemlights, but to be fair I only ever buy the Cyalume brand (which IIRC supplies the military). They seem to hold up well and I've used several that were a couple years past their expiry date; they still work and seem to last just as long. Maybe not as bright? Hard to tell unless you compare side by side.
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