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Survival begins with factors which are personal and quite variable - the individual's attitude and willingness to endure. Then comes the person's skills, abilities, and knowledge, along with the ability to think outside the (grey) box and improvise. Then we get into the realm of equipment and gadgetry. What is critical and life saving in one situation may be useless in another.

Valid point. Even in the time that we are living in, it's challenging to get people to do the most simple thing: get the equipment. If they do, it would be a Guardian or Ready America "survival kit" from Wal-Mart.

You want them to have skills, abilities and knowledge too? "If we get an earthquake, we'll dial 9-1-1 on our Apple smartphone and Uncle Sam will come and rescue us."

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Please note that these perps will sell you both T shirts and ball caps (survival gear??)

No one said that a ballcap could be used as survival gear.

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"They already explained it. In an urban environment, you need to be the grey man."

Just another survivalist fantasy, part of the folklore and the script that starts with SHTF (unexplained what that might be, but the grid is usually down), then the urban masses realize they are out of food, raging around search ing for food, and if you are not the "grey man" they will realize you are equipped to survive and they will come and get all your stuff.

In other words, don't wear a target on your back. You'll be the first to go.

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