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Not sure what the thing is targetting at? Wilderness? Urban disasters?

The impression I got is, it's mainly for urban or any situation in which you are on the road.

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'Integrated flashlight mounts provide hands-free lighted operation at night'

What's wrong with a plain old headlight. Mounts on the backpack means you have to wear the pack.

I think this is a valid option. The objective is to to use things that have a multi-purpose. In this case, the backpack used as a headlamp strap.

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'RZ M5 Air Filtration Mask' and 'Goggles'

So more urban I guess? But what's wrong with a plain N95/N99 mask, instead of a mask that doesn't show any certification and cost more.

They already explain why this is a better option than the N95. Frankly, I'm glad the company did. It's another indication they are serious about saving lives. Other companies throw in the cheapest thing they can find and sell a false sense of security.

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