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A grey pack?, ?Get serious!! If you want to be helped, you must be noticed, to be noticed bright colors are preferable, not dull mousy grey.

I just bought a new general purpose pack - its color is described as "molten red."

They already explained it. In an urban environment, you need to be the grey man.

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A realistic kit needs to be personalized, integrated with an individual's EDC, training, aptitudes, and skills and tweaked for circumstances (like changing seasons and weather).

This kit is an ineffectual use of your money. Better to put your dough and time into a Wilderness first Aid course, among many other options.

Build your own kit, stocking it thoughtfully, and you will be much better served.

Even during a time in which it is nearly impossible to watch the national news without a disaster (forest fires, floods, hurricanes, tornados, blizzards) being one of the top stories, people still don't prep. Somehow we should expect them to take a wilderness first aid class?

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