Not sure what the thing is targetting at? Wilderness? Urban disasters?

'48L inside the shell' and '50L of storage'

Let's say that pretty HUGE.

'Integrated flashlight mounts provide hands-free lighted operation at night'

What's wrong with a plain old headlight. Mounts on the backpack means you have to wear the pack.

'3-in-1 radio'

Personally not a fan, simply because these USB chargers don't provide enough power, nor constant power to charge anything these days. There are tiny FM/AM radio's that sip batteries. Carry a power bank to actually charge things.

'RZ M5 Air Filtration Mask' and 'Goggles'

So more urban I guess? But what's wrong with a plain N95/N99 mask, instead of a mask that doesn't show any certification and cost more.

'glow stick'

Personally; I don't get why they are so popular. Single-use, can be damaged in storage, limited storage life. An actual flashlight with Lithium batteries, stores longer, better light, can be smaller, has an on-off button.

'Convertible Shovel/Pickaxe'

So, when do you actually need one? Big, heavy, not really high on my list of priorities.

'Logo t-shirt'

Not exactly info I need to have printed on the shirt to figure out. Not sure how it's applied, but if it's an iron on the type, then it's just annoying on your skin. (silkscreen is less of an issue)

'Patent Pending.'

Not familiar with US patents, but can't really see patent-worthy things. Organizers and kits can be patented?