I suppose it's not bad if you're simply unwilling for whatever reason to put together your own kit. Certainly it's larger and contains more stuff than most premade kits. I went through the contents and tallied up everything included, curious what it would cost to purchase everything individually. Some of their items are branded but an equivalent can be easily found (example, their Nalgene is branded but it's still an Nalgene). Assigning a price to each item and erring on the high side on each item to be fair to them I calculated I could buy everything within either locally or at Amazon for $187, not including the bag. So they're getting $350 for $212 worth of items for a markup of about 40%. That's not a horrible deal considering they have to advertise, hire staff, pay workers comp and taxes, etc.

Of course, predictably, I would make my own. grin I have two kits in that same general weight class (on a bit lighter one a bit heavier) that provide an awful lot more capability for less money.

My problem isn't even so much the value for money but the capability for the size of the pack. The pack appears to be at least 25 liters (maybe the size was listed and I missed it). Given a pack of that size there's no good reason not to include a real tarp. Even a Walmart treated nylon tarp for $10 will hold up better and longer than a space blanket tent. No knock on the tent! I have a couple of those but it's pretty charitable to call it a tent. Most of my kits include a Sil-nylon or treated polyester tarp along with a couple of space blankets, and the med/large ones include a large 0.7 mic drop cloth to facilitate construction of a "Super Shelter".

Still, I don't meant to pick nits, Jeanette! That's more compleat than most premade kits to be sure. I doubt I'd buy the bag since it appears to be the most overpriced part of the kit; they sell just the bag for $199! Yikes! eek You could buy a Mystery Ranch technical day/climbing pack for less money and almost undoubtedly get a vastly better bag. Or buy a dry bag pack that was either many times larger or vastly less expensive depending on your priorities. But for the person that wants a turnkey solution it would be bad, and there seems to be a bit of space to add a few items.
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