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I think there are a few deficiencies in this kit. It looks like the organization features add more bulk than I'd prefer. It should really have a whistle and a signal mirror. The firestarting tools should include tinder and a one-handed option. The shovel and multitool look pretty light-duty to me.

There is a whistle integrated into the backpack, saving space and weight. What I like about that is you can't lose your whistle.

There is tender. Again, Uncharted Supply Co. saves space and weight by using items that have multiple purposes.

You are right about the signal mirror. That kit does not have one. What I would do is add a PSP to fill a few gaps in the Seventy2 Survival System with the only thing genuinely redundant is you now have two whistles, not a huge problem.

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Speaking for Doug isn't in my job description, but the PSP's design philosophy is for something pocket sized, lightweight and much less expensive.

Though bigger (a backpack instead of a pocket kit) and at a higher price, I still think this fits Doug's philosophy of getting the best performance for space, weight and cost. Doug wanted his PSP to be small, lightweight and priced so that every person in a family can have one. I think the Seventy2 Survival System accomplishes the same thing for its category.

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