I'm beginning reevaluate my FAK. In the past I've had tons and tons of bandaids and a lot of ointments; now I'm moving towards just a few bandaides but a lot more gauze and high quality tape. Less meds but a good array of painkillers of the various types, a couple meds that are multi-use but not a bunch of salves/creams. I'm looking to use tape and coban more, and add a bit more trauma stuff. Think an extra TK, some chest seals and another aluminum rolled splint. Maybe an Epipen if I can arrange for it.

My thinking is that if you only need a band-aid then you probably don't really need a band-aide. wink Almost any small cut can be treated with glue or gauze. I'm going to move towards a FAK geared towards trauma and not as much for boo-boos. Of course, booboos do occur so I'll keep a bit of that kind of stuff. I just want to be a bit more prepared for the major stuff.
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