That looks quite comprehensive!

I have a little jump bag (Condor Deployment Bag) with just some basics in it that I generally keep in my vehicle or take with me on scenes.

Front Pocket:
-Basic IFAK (Gloves, Izzie, CAT, HALO, QC, forceps)

Side Pocket 1:
-Booboo kit (Basic band aids, antiseptic / antibiotic ointment, tegaderm, gauze pads, OTC painkillers, that sort of thing)
-Small pack of wet wipes

Side Pocket 2:
-Oral airway set
-CPR pocket mask

Main Compartment:
-A bunch of gloves
-Few cheap $1 headlamps from Walmart
-Second CAT TQ
-Stethoscope and BP cuff (regular adult size)
-Pulse Ox
-Extra Kerlix
-Ace Wrap
-Bottle of saline eye wash for irrigation
-Cold packs (summer), hand warmers (winter)
-Oral rehydration salts and Pedialyte powder
-SOL Emergency Blanket

-Mini Sharpie
-Res-q-me glass breaker / seatbelt cutter
-Benchmade rescue hook
-Bug spray (lately!)

It's not going to cover all possibilities (no room for a full set of BP cuffs for instance), but it's a good basis to deal with most of what we commonly encounter -- either simple booboos that don't really require EMS response, life threatening injuries that just need to hang on long enough for more definitive help to arrive, or relatively simple things that early intervention can help mitigate.

I would like to have an epipen and blood glucose monitor, but those (along with nasal airways and decompression needles) are out of scope for an EMR in my area. At the station we also have AED and Oxygen, but I don't carry that stuff around with me day to day.

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