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What do you think of the Estwing hatchet o roughly the same size and price? I have been using one for decades and I like them a lot. One piece steel head and handle is certainly indestructable. roughly about $27 in the smaller size.

I have had a couple of Estwings and have nothing bad to say about them. I am intrigued with the Estwing Campers axe, but I already have a half dozen axes and twice as many hatchets, so I'm afraid my wife might take notice...

Estwing hatchets do require a little more care as the clear-coating cracks with time and use and water can get in. Not usually a problem unless you leave it in the bottom of a boat or in a stump over winter...I did acquire an Estwing in a multiple item swap once that had a decomposed handle that I suspect was found in the woods.

The 14" Fiskars is about 5 ounces lighter than the 14" Estwing, and the Fiskars weight is well forward, balancing about an inch from the head. For those so inclined, you can fit 3 Bic lighters and tinder, or a small knife etc. inside the handle of a Fiskars for backpacking or a bug out bag, and for this use a lanyard hole is a plus.

All said, I don't think you could go wrong with either hatchet.
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