I have a lot of hatchets and axes. Most are vintage American and German made, and I do have a smaller Wetterlings for my pack.

Lately, I have been very impressed with the Fiskars line of hatchets, splitting mauls, and axes for utilitarian use. The hollow carbon fiber handles are lightweight and indestructible, as is the attachment for the head. They will easily withstand multiple overstrikes. The ones I have examined are very sharp and made in Finland, despite the fact that the bulk of the Fiskars line is now made in Asia.

The 14" X7 hatchet with large blade guard sells for about $30 delivered. Walmart has a no-frills, Finland made, 14" all black Fiskars hatchet which is identical to the X7, except for handle color and a cheaper blade guard, for $23.

In my opinion, these are the Mora knives of the hatchet world...


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