I showed Mom the Bleeding & CPR kit I built. I mention what I thought were the main points: tourniquet and a CPR mask. She understands why I would not trust a face shield. To get a C-A-T, I would need a holster. Mom pointed out a problem I did not consider. I'm paraphrasing; it would be difficult to be the "grey man" with a tourniquet on your belt.

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Why no splints or readily adaptable splint material (apparently)?

I'll bet I have treated at least thirty times as many fractures or potential fractures as CPR situations (one without any kind of face shield or protection whatever). Granted, splints can usually be improvised, but I always like to have at least one or two ready to apply - saved time and they were more comfortable and effective.

Lots of ways to break bones and fractures are commonly encountered in many different situations.

If a person needs CPR, they need it now. If a person has a fracture, they can remain still until the ambulance arrives.

Consider the space in my EDC bag. I have room for a Traveler Kit, Bleeding & CPR Advanced Kit and the items I regularly EDC.


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