As I mentioned, I have a Traveler Kit in my EDC bag:

Other than a 5" x 9" trauma pad and a pair of gloves, I don't have anything for bleeding or CPR. I considered several options; none of them has everything I want. I want something with a C-A-T and a CPR mask, not a face shield. While a SWAT tourniquet is better than nothing, I would not use a face shield even if it was the only thing I had. I do not trust a face shield.

Admittedly, getting everything I want is problematic due to cost. Today I realized that I have enough spare parts, almost, to build a kit identical to the Bleeding & CPR Advanced Kit.

I say "almost" because I don't have an extra CPR mask. I had to borrow one from my medical bag. A replacement CPR mask is $12.82.

A CPR mask won't break the bank. I built the kit using a borrowed mask and it fits my EDC bag. There's still an issue with the tourniquet. I tried to put a C-A-T in the bag and it would not fit. As I mentioned, the SWAT is better than nothing. The question becomes, do I stick with the SWAT or include a C-A-T as a separate unit? If I get a C-A-T, it needs to be in something to protect it and not loose in my EDC bag, such as a holster.

There are two problems: A C-A-T with a holster is $47.60 and I need to get in the habit of keeping a C-A-T on my person. The upside of keeping a C-A-T on me is rapid access.

Jeanette Isabelle
“Trust me, this is not gonna end well!” — Pleakley, Lilo & Stitch