Thatís as good a FA kit as any. Looks like a lot of thought went into it. Not sure how I missed the CPR mask. My bad.

People tend to bleed a lot. If I have spare space anywhere in my kit I put more shell dressings or compressed gauze in there. Granted, my training and preferences lean heavily on what I have learned in my job. Depends on your own needs. I donít expect to see the same type of injuries at home as I have while deployed. I keep a good trauma kit in the vehicle in case of car/ hunting accidents and the like where the injuries would be similar to what I am more used to seeing. Where I live, and ambulance can be an hour away in bad weather so I donít see it as overkill.

If you ever find yourself in Ontario shoot me a PM and I can hook you up with all sorts of trauma stuff for your kit.

Job perk. They keep giving me new stuff all the time and they never want the old stuff back. That, and Iíve a few friends who are medics so they are always giving me swag to try. Iíve amassed so much of the stuff over my career I could probably stock a small ER. Iím too frugal to turn down swag of any kind.

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